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I'm trying to iterate a bunch of SELECT OPTION html drop-down fields and from the ones that are NOT empty, take the values and add a hidden field for a PAYPAL shopping cart.

My problem is that for some reason, the variable "curitem" is not passed inside the each function and I can't add the hidden field like they should. All I get is "NaN" or "undefined".

What PAYPAL expects is: item_name_1, item_name_2, etc. All numbers must iterate by +1.

How can I do this?

Thanks a bunch in advance

var curitem;

$.each($("select"), function(index, item) {

    var attname = $(this).attr("name");
    var nom = $(this).attr("data-nom");
    var prix = $(this).attr("data-val");
    var partname = attname.substring(0, 1);
    var qte = $(this).val();

    // i want all my <select option> items that the NAME start with "q" AND have a value selected
    if (partname == "q" && isNaN(qte) == false && qte > 0) {

        // item name
        var inp2 = document.createElement("input");
        inp2.setAttribute("type", "hidden");
        inp2.setAttribute("id", "item_name_"+curitem);
        inp2.setAttribute("name", "item_name_"+curitem);
        inp2.setAttribute("value", nom);

        // amount
        var inp3 = document.createElement("input");
        inp3.setAttribute("type", "hidden");
        inp3.setAttribute("id", "amount_"+curitem);
        inp3.setAttribute("name", "amount_"+curitem);
        inp3.setAttribute("value", prix);

        // qty
        var inp4 = document.createElement("input");
        inp4.setAttribute("type", "hidden");
        inp4.setAttribute("id", "quantity_"+curitem);
        inp4.setAttribute("name", "quantity_"+curitem);
        inp4.setAttribute("value", qte);

        // add hidden fields to form

        // item number
        curitem = curitem + 1;
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why not set var curitem = 0; ? – user798596 Mar 30 '12 at 5:31
One more thing: you can access your "data-" tag attributes via $.data() method – user798596 Mar 30 '12 at 5:33
Why not use index instead? And $('select').each(function(index, item) {...}) might be nicer. – mu is too short Mar 30 '12 at 5:34
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I think you have to initialize curitem variable.

var curitem = 1;

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it's initialized in the first line of code. If I put it inside the jquery, it doesnt work. – Joel Mar 30 '12 at 5:49
The var curitem is undefined in the first line. You need to give it a value inorder for this to work "curitem = curitem + 1;" – Du D. Mar 30 '12 at 14:33
ok... this is weird. At first, curitem WAS defined like you told me. Then, when I posted here, I tried just doing var curitem;. Then, just playing around, I changed it to var i = 0; ... and it WORKED. I wonder if my Macrabbit Espresso software is not creating bugs that I can't 'see'... – Joel Mar 30 '12 at 15:28

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