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I have an AJAX loaded DIV.

When on this page I can make some changes that involve table updates and after I make then I call the following code to refresh the DIV.

It does fadeout/in and ajax loader appears etc but the contents of the page remains the same.

Appears the .load() isn't getting a fresh copy of the php file from the server as it requires a refresh for the updated data to appear.

Any ideas how I can get the DIV to refresh? thx

function reloadDIV() {
  var ajaxgifloader = $('img#ajaxgifloader');
  var contentwrapper = $('div#contentwrapper');
                function() {
                  function() {
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after success target_div.html(response) –  Fawad Ghafoor Mar 30 '12 at 5:50
If this is a cache issue then changing the url to 'scripts/php/admin_sitearticles.php?time=' + +new Date() would probably help. –  dfsq Mar 30 '12 at 5:52

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my appologies - I had the wrong path to the PHP file - thus no new contect... thankyou for tolerating me!!

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