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I have one windows batch script where I am calling two other batch script. What I want - if my first batch gives any error it should not call second batch; rather it should immediately exit the main batch script. Here is my main batch file(main.bat) code:

echo.[INFO] Calling Joomla setup batch file
call joomla_setup.bat
echo.[INFO] Finished Joomla setup batch file execution
echo.[INFO] Calling Build and deploy setup batch file
call build_deploy.bat
echo.[INFO] Finished Build and deploy setup batch file execution
ECHO.&ECHO.Press any key to exit COSOMO installer.&PAUSE>NUL&GOTO:EOF

In this code, if joomla_setup.bat gives any error in execution I want main.bat not to call build_deploy.bat and exit immediately. Any quick and useful response would be appreciable.

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call joomla_setup.bat || exit /b 255

Of course, that relies on joomla_setup.bat using exit codes to signal failure. If that's not the case it would be helpful to know how you would determine failure in your example.

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thank you so much gave me right direction to resolve my issue. after making some changes to my batch file according to your suggestion i came with the solution i was looking for..thanks once again.. :) – vikram.fartyal Mar 30 '12 at 7:37

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