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I am trying to convert varchar(20) field to numeric(10,2) and for this I am using this script:

FROM   AgeTable

But I am getting this error:

Conversion failed when converting the varchar value '71.8' to data type int.

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What SQL DB are you using? MySQL or SQL Server? – GregL Mar 30 '12 at 6:15
I am using sql server 2008 – ARD Mar 30 '12 at 6:25
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Basically, same as @Mikael Eriksson's solution, only with more syntactic sugar:

SELECT ISNULL(CAST(NULLIF(Age, 'NULL') AS numeric(10, 2)), 0)
FROM AgeTable
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it is giving error: Error converting data type varchar to numeric – ARD Mar 30 '12 at 7:46
@ARD This works for me. There must be some strange data in the Age column. Try SELECT DISTINCT Age FROM AgeTable and see if there is anything that isn't "NULL" or a valid number. – GregL Mar 30 '12 at 7:57
@ARD: Worked for me too. NULLIF returns NULL if Age = 'NULL', otherwise it return the value of Age. The returned result, whether NULL or Age, is then converted to numeric(10, 2), which is where this query fails for you, I guess. To me, that can mean only one thing: Age contains other non-numeric values apart from 'NULL'. So, as GregL suggests, have a look at the values stored in that column. – Andriy M Mar 30 '12 at 9:50
thanks for help.Issue was with the data in the Age field.I found some string and empty values in the Age column. – ARD Mar 30 '12 at 13:30

Assuming you are using SQL Server, try using the ISNULL() function instead of your CASE statement:

Select CAST(ISNULL(Age,0) as numeric(10,2)) as Age 
from AgeTable
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This will work assuming OP got this part wrong when 'NULL'. It looks like he has NULL values stored as the string value 'NULL'. – Mikael Eriksson Mar 30 '12 at 6:25
After using above query, it is giving different error: Error converting data type varchar to numeric. – ARD Mar 30 '12 at 6:29
@MikaelEriksson True. Which is not a great practice, so @ARD, I recommend you store actual null values as NULL (not a string), and then my query will work. Is that change possible? – GregL Mar 30 '12 at 6:35
Actually i am fetching data from production.So changes on production is not possible. – ARD Mar 30 '12 at 7:50

Your case statement is returning an int because of the then 0 part.

Try this instead:

select case Age
         when 'NULL' then cast(0 as numeric(10,2))
         else Age
       end as Age
from AgeTable
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Or you could put the cast on the Age column in the else clause. – Andriy M Mar 30 '12 at 7:11

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