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How can we use external Jython modules with JSR-223? (Assuming some foo python module is installed using pip or easy_install and the following Python code is running with Jython)

Python code: (

import pyfoo


Java code:

import javax.script.*;
import org.python.core.Py;
import org.python.core.PySystemState;

public class Main() {
    PySystemState engineSys = new PySystemState();
    //END EDIT
    ScriptEngineManager mgr = new ScriptEngineManager();
    ScriptEngine jython = mgr.getEngineByName("jython");
    jython.eval(new FileReader(new File("")));        

This results in ImportError: no module named pyfoo. However executing the following in a terminal succeeds.


Any advice?

Edit: I guessed it was a classpath issue and copied the py files from the eggs to my applications working directory. Following the I've also added that path to the engine environment (as seen on the code, between //BEGIN EDIT and //END EDIT) and it worked. I've also tried adding $JYTHON_HOME/Lib/site-packages to the path but it did not work, I don't know why.

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