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I have created a bundle from the shell using this info

it creates the bundle file fine, so i just add to this package contents, what I need,

but the actual script is not working properly [as it wants a ./assets folder]

this are my steps:

  1. nano scripto

    echo "Building assets bundle."
    if [ -d ./MyAssets.bundle ]; then
     rm ./MyAssets.bundle/*
     mkdir ./MyAssets.bundle
    find ./assets -type f -print0 | xargs -0 -J% cp % ./MyAssets.bundle
  2. save it,

  3. $chmod +x scripto
  4. $./scripto

so it works fine, but in order to have it working with out problems, I want to get rid of the find ./assets

so how do I modify the script to avoid this ./assets folder?


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The find ./assets ... is just copying all the files under the directory named assets to the directory "MyAssets.bundle". If you are manually copying your assets to the MyAssets.bundle you can just remove the last line from the script, or comment it out by placing a # just before the find. Note: if you run this script after placing files in MyAssets.bundle, those files will be deleted.

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