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How can I add the ability of uploading multiple images for a product from the admin side.

I have search for it and found that upload an image from the admin side and then for adding additional images you should upload it through ftp.

But I did not want this. I want that admin should be able to upload multiple images from the admin panel for a single product.

How will I do this?

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Which version of Zen Cart are you using? If you're using 1.3.x then you should install Image Handler (found in the official Free Add Ons section). Unfortunately, IH is currently not compatible with 1.5.0 admin section (although the frontend functionality will work). From what I know, there's currently nothing you can do with 1.5.0 except code the funcionality yourself.

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There is now an updated Image Handler available for v1.5.0.

There are other addons such as "Image Manager" which allow for additional admin-side image management.

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