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I have created a working AR model for a single marker.

This consisted of

3d solid (.dae) file. pattern (.pat) file marker (.jpg) file) webcam cameraparameters.dat file

My actionscript CS4 file used papervision3d and flartoolkit

I now wish to move to using multiple markers, but any examples I have seen are not for dae file, they tend to be e.g. cubes, tweening etc. and using flarmanager.

Does anyone have a basic 3d dae file example with 2 models that I could use to move into multiple markers, or provide me with information to move forward.

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I found this example in my journey to discover all augmented reality features... i'm looking for augmented reality for android, if you know any site, tell me (my email:dpmorocho@gmail.com)

Here is your code: http://bxmc.poly.edu/blog/arunramkalaiselvan/2010/06/augmented-reality-multiple-collada-models-loading-multiple-markers

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Thanks for your feedback, when I checked out the code I noticed they are using flarmanager and I am using flartoolkit. I don't know if flartoolkit has multiple markers out the box or not, because if not then this could mean I might need to go to flarmanager. thanks for your help, and if I come across anything for android I will let you know –  beckji Apr 2 '12 at 14:14

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