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I'm using the Tabularize plugin in Vim and have the following text:

reg [321:123] ip_addr=32'h12345678;
reg [15:0] trie_data=16'h9abc;
reg [2:0] select=3'h5;

wire [3:0] nibble;
wire sram_bit;

which I want to align in this manner:

reg  [321:123] ip_addr   = 32'h12345678;
reg   [15:0]   trie_data = 16'h9abc;
reg    [2:0]   select    = 3'h5;

wire   [3:0]   nibble;
wire           sram_bit;

In words:

  • left-align reg/wire in first column
  • center-align bit-widths, if present, along ':'
  • left-align signal names in third column
  • = signs in the 4th column
  • left-align initial values in 5th column.

So far, I've tried the following in order:

:Tabularize /[[0-9]*:/l1r0l0
:Tabularize /:[0-9]*]/l0l1l0
:Tabularize /=

but this combines 'wire' and 'sram_bit' in the first column instead of putting it in the first and third column respectively.

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With two Tabularize commands it can be done like this

:Tabularize /[[0-9]*:/l1c0l0
:Tabularize /=

So here you basically use [number: as the delimiter.

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Bernhard, it almost worked. However, the last line was left out; it put wire sram_bit together in the first column. l1c0l0 will work in this case but it'd fail if my starting index was 3 digits. Thanks for getting me started; I've edited my question to include this case. – kshenoy Mar 30 '12 at 16:06
Your example works well for me on the first three lines. The laat last line does not fit to the tabular format that Tabularize needs. I don't see a nice way to do this with Tabularize. – Bernhard Mar 30 '12 at 19:14

Or with Align.vim

:AlignCtrl <>
:AlignCtrl p0
:%Align \S\+

:AlignCtrl p1
:%Align =

I have the feeling that there should be a simple way to combine those, but I didn't quite figure it out at once, so I'll leave it for another day

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Hello Sehe, I want to know how to do it with Tabularize.vim but thanks for responding :) – kshenoy Mar 30 '12 at 15:49

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