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I have this code that will check for if the class more-results are in the viewport. And when it is it runs the ajax request.

    $(window).scroll( function() { 
        if ($("a.more-results:in-viewport").each(function()  {

              type: 'GET',  
              url: $(this).attr('href'),
              data: args,
              success: function(response) {
                response = $.trim(response);
                } else {
                var $responseHTML = $(response).appendTo(ajaxElement);
                $responseHTML.find("input:checkbox").uniform({useID: false});



and this works.. but... it fires several requests when scrolling...

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I think you should have a look at the jQuery Masonry Plugin.. It allows you to create an infinite page scroll effect like we see on Facebook wall...

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Currently I only need this single feature and need to keep the js/css sizes to a minimum so adding all of these files is currently not an option :/ –  Mackelito Mar 30 '12 at 8:00

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