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I want to deploy an application which uses EJB architecture. Does AWS Elastic Beanstalk support OpenEJB or maybe there is a way to add it to the Tomcat instance under AWS Elastic Beanstalk? Thank you.

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Does AWS Elastic Beanstalk support OpenEJB?

Presumably not, insofar the Tomcat configuration is fairly standard (though I don't know for sure, you may just try yourself of course).

Is [there] a way to add it to the Tomcat instance under AWS Elastic Beanstalk?

Certainly - The possibility to customize your environments is indeed one of the key characteristics of AWS Elastic Beanstalk in comparison to other PaaS offerings:

Most existing application containers or platform-as-a-service solutions, while reducing the amount of programming required, significantly diminish developers' flexibility and control. [...] However, with Elastic Beanstalk, you retain full control over the AWS resources powering your application. If you decide you want to take over some (or all) of the elements of their infrastructure, you can do so seamlessly [...]

What you are looking for is possible by facilitating a Custom AMI. Once you have launched an environment, you can customize its configuration details, amongst those the AMI used by your instances as illustrated in Configuring Servers. While there are some requirements to be met in order to properly execute within Beanstalk, you can basically customize these AMIs to your heart's content, the process is documented in Using Custom AMIs (for a 3rd party explanation see e.g. How to customize an Amazon Elastic Beanstalk instance).

Please see my respective answer to the related question Instance's deployment / post configuration for AWS Elastic Beanstalk for an important implication to be aware off for customized AMIs.

Good luck!

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