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I'm just having a play with Roslyn but unsure on how to do the following.

To keep this simple, lets say I have a host program which has a method like so

public void DisplayMessage(string message)

Can I then have a script file called MyScript.csx and then somewhere in the script have something like

void Main()
   Host.DisplayMessage("I am a script");

Then I have the host load the file and execute it.

If this sort of thing can't be done, is there a scripting system/engine based on c# that can do it? These are the requirements

  1. Host application can load script from a file.
  2. Script file is written in c# and so can be written using VS2010 with syntax etc
  3. Script file can access host public methods, properties etc
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Yes, you can do what you want using Roslyn.

First, create a public Host class that has a public DisplayMessage method (or use a existing class). Then create ScriptEngine, specifying the assembly that contains Host as a reference. After that, you can call ExecuteFile() on your file, with the Host object as another parameter:

var engine = new ScriptEngine(references: new[] { typeof(Host).Assembly });
engine.ExecuteFile("MyScript.csx", new Host());

The script files doesn't need any Main() method, and you call the method on the host object directly:

DisplayMessage("I am a script");
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Cool, I will give it a try –  Gaz83 Apr 2 '12 at 8:12
Ok @svick just writing DisplayMessage("I am a script"); doesn't work so how do you actually access the host's properties? I tried adding #r "C:\MyScriptTest.exe" (assembly which executes the script), to the top of the script and do the following TestApp.MainWindow.DisplayMessage("I am a script"); But I get the "doesn't contain a definition for 'DisplayMessage'" error –  Gaz83 Apr 12 '12 at 13:19
You really don't need to reference it in any way, you should be able to just call it like I wrote. Are you sure you're passing an instance of Host to the ExecuteFile() method and that the method you want to call is public? –  svick Apr 12 '12 at 14:14
ok ok @svick i think I am catching on here. I was assuming that in order to write the script the script needed to know what the host was and what methods, properties etc it had. I was writing the script in VS and everytime I wrote something I had red line under methods and properties so I assumed I had the syntax wrong or something. –  Gaz83 Apr 12 '12 at 14:48

I wrote an Introduction to the Roslyn scripting API that covers most of what you're asking. The ScriptEngine type also has a ExecuteFile method that would be useful for what you're trying to do.

Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft on the Roslyn project.

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