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Ok, so I am developing a multiplayer game using: Node.js, Sockets.io & Redis

Anyway players are able to create a game, then start a game, now the game logic needs to be updated about once every 10 seconds, so this is done via calling a method, that will call itself each x seconds via setTimeout.

My concern is, that when a connected client connects, creates a game (starts the setTimeout cycle) and then disconnects, this will stop any setTimeout's, therefore killing the game for all other players. Even if the setTimeout keeps being fired when a user has disconnected, I would still like to ideally run this seperately to a users socket.io connection.

Is there a simple way to start a seperate process/thread in node.js? (from a connected socket.io connection)

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Depending on your purposes, maybe. For instance there's this:


if that's not it, you might want to look at node fibers

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So whats the difference between fibers and child processes? and also I have found that the timeout method actually still works after a user disconnects their websocket connection, should I just keep it this way? or is there a reason not too? –  Josh Mc Mar 30 '12 at 11:18
Fibers brings thread-like functionality to Node aka yield() etc. Child processes are sub-processes (not necessarily node, but could be node) that you can run in parallel with node –  ControlAltDel Mar 30 '12 at 12:58
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