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We are trying to use Oauth2 to login to our application and to Google Docs but having lots of trouble.

When deployed a not logged in user is redirect to the Url:

But the page gives an Error: NOT_FOUND

We have followed this Google App Engine Applications example, doGet looks like this:

        try {
        redirectUri = getRedirectUri(request);
    } catch (ServletException e) {"Redirect Error "+e.getLocalizedMessage());

Our security constraints in web.xml:


We have also trouble allowing access to the Google Docs API. In devmode we get this error when requesting permissions and after clicking the Allow access button:


Problem accessing /oauth2callback%3Fgwt.codesvr= Reason:


This is how the URL looks like:

http //

getRedirectUri method i Oauth2

    protected String getRedirectUri(HttpServletRequest req) throws ServletException, IOException {
    GenericUrl url = new GenericUrl(req.getRequestURL().toString());
    String URL = "/oauth2callback";
    if(req.getRequestURL().toString().contains("")) {
        URL += Global.getLocalcodesvr();

We have registered our app and the callback urls required for both devmode and deployed. We have already spent several days trying to solve these.

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what does your web.xml look like ? do you have a wild card catching all requests ? – koma Mar 30 '12 at 15:21
We don't have any wild cards. We have servlet mappings for both the Oauth2 and Oauth2Callback serlvets in web.xml. – Juni Apr 1 '12 at 13:17

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