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I have scrip contain command line:

set dir=%1
cd %dir%


echo successful

When run this script, file test.bat (this file run phpunit) run complete then this script don't run command line echo successful.

So, how to try run to eof script.

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I see the problem in your code, but I honestly have no clue at all what you mean with »eof script batch file« here. – Joey Mar 30 '12 at 9:43

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Use call test.bat.

When you try running a batch file from another batch like in your question control does not pass back to your calling batch.

Side note: I'd usually use pushd/popd for going into directories from batch files. At least I prefer when a batch file doesn't have a side-effect on the shell I'm working on (similar rationale for setlocal). Also this solves the problem when you pass a directory on another drive (although you could do cd /d in that case.

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