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I have so many sites with different FTP settings. all of them are different like some are word press, drupal, joomla. I mostly have to work on files on FTP, for that i have to first download the latest file then i do the changes and upload again on the ftp. Is there any solution so that i could work live on FTP files without downloading and uploading again and again.

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It would help if we knew what computer OS you were using.

For windows, I recommend installing WinScp. Then install Notepad++.

Detailed tutorial here >>>>http://www.thetechrepo.com/main-articles/542-how-to-edit-remote-files-with-winscp-and-notepad-or-any-other-text-editor

NOTE: My answer doesn't stop you from downloading and uploading the file, but it makes it feel as if you were editing the files directly on the server.

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