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I am using the HeatDirectory task in a Wix-Project to fetch some files. I would furthermore like to use a symlink in the HeatDirectory Directory parameter to always use the folder the shortcut is pointing to. However, it seems the parameter feels not very comfortable with this symlink, so I tried creating a workaround by copying the files before harvesting them.

<Exec Command="xcopy \\myFileServer\Shortcut2LatestFiles\*.* c:\mytmp" ContinueOnError="true"/>
<HeatDirectory OutputFile="files.wxs" Directory="c:\mytmp" 
(... some more parameters ...) />

Unfortunately this workaround is not working, because xcopy does not resolve the symlink either. Anyway I am not very happy about it and would prefer heat to directly use the shortcut. Is there a way to do so?

EDIT: the missing part actually were the quotes, like Alexey suggested - the xcopy part is working if I use

<Exec Command="xcopy &quot;c:\TestFolderSymlink&quot; &quot;c:\testtarget\&quot; /y" />

Funny enough they do not seem to be required on the command line.

EDIT 2: using the quotes, the direct use of the symlink in the heatdirectory task is possible too. However, be aware I am using a symlink (created by mklink, some info here) here, not a shortcut (.lnk-File). Actually the Shortcut will not work this way.

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What errors do you get? From xcopy, from heat? – Alexey Ivanov Mar 31 '12 at 7:05
xcopy is working if triggered from commandline, but says "file . not found" when invoked like above. I will try to create an example project as soon as I find the time to. – ChriPf Apr 1 '12 at 18:06
Try to add quotes &quot; around directories, maybe it helps… – Alexey Ivanov Apr 1 '12 at 19:20
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The comments answered the question above but answering here so the question falls off the unanswered list for the wix tag.

When your path contains spaces or symlinks, be sure to quote the path. Quoting the path is usually a good idea in almost all cases. Note in XML you can use single quotes on the "outside" to use double quotes on the "inside" like:

<Exec Command='xcopy "c:\TestFolderSymlink" "c:\testtarget\" /y' />

That can often be more readable over the &quot; syntax.

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