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I am working with sencha to build mobile app.

I have created one page in which there is 3-4 datepickers. I need to display all in different formats like one datepicker in dd/MM/yyyy , other to display MM-yyyy and in another only year.

Please guide me how can i do this

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did you find a solution for this? I need to use a date picker also but I only want it to have month and year. Thanks – Dean Wild Apr 22 '12 at 21:09

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With Sencha Touch 2

to display the date MM-yyyy

var date = new Date();
  alert(Ext.Date.format(date, 'm/Y'));

And dd/MM/yyyy

var date = new Date();
  alert(Ext.Date.format(date, 'm/d/Y'));
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Thanks for your reply , but using this i can get date in various format but i want to display 4-5 datepickers like select year then its display year only and on its click drill-down year selection only,same for Month , week etc.. – Sagar Modi Apr 13 '12 at 6:27
I have used Ext.apply(Ext.util.Format, {defaultDateFormat: 'd-M-Y'}); but its make all datepickers in same format – Sagar Modi Apr 13 '12 at 6:37

The 'slotorder' config option allows you to specifiy the order of the days, months and years - but also, you can just leave out the ones you don't want. I only wanted months and years so:

        picker:{xtype:'datepicker', slotOrder:["year", "month"],}


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For example you can adding:

"dateformat: "d.m.Y" "

property in each field with the "correct" date format

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