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I have a desktop pc with wifi connection.My ip address is and gateway is .But i am not getting internet connection in the android emulator.That is i can not able to acess internate. I have also try with " emulator -avd wbut -http-proxy " this command. But sometimes i get the connection in the emulator without doing anything.

Can someone please tell me how can i get internet connection in my android emulator ?

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Click F8 key after starting emulator. F8 used for Turning network on / off.

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If I off internet in emulator using F8, then first dialog appers for no internet access and still my native browser open websites. Just check it. – user370305 Mar 30 '12 at 10:34

Try this

In Eclipse:


In the Default emulator options, put the value


If this does not work, check this post Android - Emulator internet access

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If your system has a internet access then you have to nothing to do to get internet access in emulator. Emulator get internet connection automatically if your system has.. Just check you emulator for AirplaneMode or hit url in android native browser to check internet connection..

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