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I have just completed reading & implementing the awesome "The Node Beginner Book" by Manuel Kiessling. Didn't find a better resource on node.js for a newbie like me. Now I need to make a full fledged application (something like a restaurant review website) with backend handled by node.js

What should be my approach? core or framework(express/geddy)?
I would also need a nosql database like mongodb ? how do I incorporate that into my node app?
Should i also consider jade and stylus into my app?

What should be my plan of action?
I'm open to suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

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One of my previous question is very similar to yours, see here.

This is more about templating engines.

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I recommend to start from express framework http://expressjs.com/

If you plan to use mongo database - use http://mongoose.com ORM If you plan to use SQL databases - use http://sequelizejs.com/

For dealing with users and authorization, you can use http://passportjs.org

Probably you can try to use my framework, build on top of expressJS https://npmjs.org/package/hunt it have a lot of important nodejs modules preconfigured, but i'm still working on documentation...

Anyway, take a look at http://expressjs.com/ first - this is mainstream - easy to use and minimalistic framework

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