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I have the following structure:

  - QWidget (with QHBoxLayout)
    - QLabel
    - QLabel
    - QLabel

QLabels are generated automatically with random text. How to change the size of the widget automatically to fit labels? At the moment I can see the widget only by setting a fixed size.


After creating QLabel I store its width:

int widthSum = 0;
for ( ... ){
    widthSum += label->sizeHint().width();

And after the cycle I set fixed width to widget:


Thanks @shobi for a hint!

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use reSize() method on widget .

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hm... This method only works for the first generation of QLabels... if I clear widget's layout and do the same it doesn't work. Maybe there is my mistake somewhere. Thanks for answer. +1. –  Eddie Mar 30 '12 at 10:45

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