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I have a list of checkboxes in a form that is based on some already existing objects in the system, like this:

#{list items:foobars, as:'bar'}
        #{set name:"foo.bars[" + bar_index + "]" /}
        <label for="${bar.name}">${bar.name}</label>
        <input id="${bar.name}" name="${name}" type="checkbox">

I would like Play to bind them to the list of Bar objects that Foo object should contain. (Foo and Bar has a many-to-many-relationship)

This doesn't work. How can I do this with Play?

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In my case i resorted to the old Long collection binding, i've been unable to make bindind of JPA associated collections using the id suggested naming of fields: Use the next collection for binding the id's selected on the web form:

Set<Long> bars

Keep in mind that if there is no checkbox selected the collection may be null and not zero length, so the validation code should look:

if (bars == null || bars.size() == 0)
   validation.addError("bars", "Please selecta at least one bar");

Latter on, in the controller handler you should instanciate bars with JPA find by id, and add to foo's collection:

for (Long id : bars)
   foo.bars.add((Bar) Bar.findById(id));


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