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I'm using the package lordif and I was wondering why I can't get to all the maps produced by the function plot.

When I do the following

plot(ageDIF,labels=c("Younger (<65)","Older (65+)"))

When I run the above I can see lots of maps as if I was flicking through a book but the only one that remains static is the very last one (showing difference between theta and theta-purified).

I've tried to use par(mfrow) but nothing changed. I've also tried to save the plot both manually and through R code but I still cannot access the whole set of plots.

1) How do I browse through the whole "plot book" and possibly save each image?

2) Is it possible to create two images one with plot 1-3 and another 4 to 7?

Many thanks

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You didn't say what environment you're running R from. The documentation for plot.lordif is slim, but appears to suggest that the author intended for each graph to show up in a separate graphics window. Can you generate multiple plots in your environment, e.g.,

% plot(x,y)
% plot(x,z) 

If that works, then you probably should contact the lordif author directly to see what's up.

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Under Windows OS, the PageUp and PageDown keys can be used to navigate through the plots.

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