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i m new to sharepoint, i m doing a site in sharepoint 2010,

i created a list of employee details, it contains various columns, once a new item is added to that list on "ok" by a user it should redirect to a pop up button, and onclick of which it will directly allow a user to open a new wiki page for his own use.

and if an existing record is edited, it should open the existing wiki page for that particular user.

i have installed visual studio 2010 so that i can create this custom webpart,

but i m new to sharepoint so i do not know where and how to start from.

could anyone please guide me through this.

thanks in advance,

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you can create Wiki pages using programmtically in ItemAdded Event receiver based on add item in list.

In ItemAdded Event You just check it out that User has wiki pages or not if not exist than create wiki pages programmatically.

have a look this artical :

Hops this Helps.

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i m thinking of doing the event reciever in VB instead of c#. can you please guide me thro this? i read the two links above, did not quite understand , what is to be done actually. :( – shradha Mar 31 '12 at 9:42
see this link :…. Hops getting some idea to create event receiver and after on ItemAdded method utilize Wikipage code. – Jigs Mar 31 '12 at 9:58

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