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I'm using phantomjs(1.5) and casperjs for my functional tests.

casper = require('casper').create
  loadImages: false

casper.start 'http://vk.com', ->
  @fill 'form[name="login"]', { email: mail, pass: pass}, true

casper.thenOpen "http://vk.com/#{app}", ->
  @echo "User at #{app}"  
casper.then ->
  @click "iframe['element']" #?! how I can do it?
casper.then ->
  @wait 2000000, -> @echo "exit from room: #{num}"


So, I login to vk.com (social network in Russia), my app loaded with iframe.

How I can use elements in iFrame, for example click to a button?

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The recent versions of PhantomJS allow us to use the --web-security=no flag for non respect the security policy.

The next script (only PhantomJS) get the title of a link in the iframe, an iframe (adsense).

    Accessing an iframe (different domain) with PhantomJS
    Example by deerme.org

var page = require('webpage').create(), system = require('system'), t, address;
if (system.args.length === 1)
    console.log('Usage: phantomfs iframe.js <some URL>');

t = Date.now();
address = system.args[1];
page.open(address, function (status)
    if (status !== 'success')
            console.log('FAIL to load the address');
        t = (Date.now()) - t;
        title = page.evaluate( function(){
            return document.title;
        linkTitle = page.evaluate( function(){
            // The site containing jQuery?
            if ( typeof(jQuery) == "undefined" )
                // Force Load
            // first iframe #aswift_2
            // second iframe #google_ads_frame3
            return jQuery("#aswift_2").contents()
        console.log('Loading time: ' + t + ' msec');    
        console.log('Webpage title: ' + title);
        console.log('Link title (iframe adsense): ' + linkTitle);

Remember, run with the parameter

phantomjs --web-security=no iframe.js http://anysite.org

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If your application is on a different domain than the one in the iframe, then your script can't interact with the iframe's contents. See: Can scripts in iframe interact with scripts in the main page

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but phantom is the browser, not a script... shouldn't the browser be a able to interact with a page regardless of the domains? –  gcb Jan 24 '13 at 9:21

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