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I have python script which downloads N number of images from website. I run it on webserver ubuntu 10.04. For example downloads 10000 images from website, prints to file about occured errors. After downloading N images it exits. Usually on local machine I run it like:

sudo python

How can I run it on webserver to be always running and when it finished it should stop? I run it manually when I need(cron jobs is not necessary). for loop in script:

for i in range(1, N):
   #do download

If script is stopped by some errors, I will need to run again from beginning, while I do not save any data to run from stop place.

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On your server, you can use an Event loop provided by Twisted and make it run at regular intervals.

from twisted.internet import task
from twisted.internet import reactor

timeout = 60.0 

def downloadlinks():
    # Have a logic to start download.
    # One previous download is over.
    if num_images_downloaded < 1000:
       pass  # previous download still in progress

    #do work here

l = task.LoopingCall(doWork)
l.start(timeout) # call every sixty seconds
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You can create a python daemon service that would run the script

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Use a process manager like Supervisor among others.

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In my situation I can run it like: sudo nohup python

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