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I'm looking for a c++ audio library that can play mp3s and mix audio. I can spend some money on it, but I'm on a somewhat tight budget, so the less the better. It really needs to just run on Windows and Mac OS X although Linux and embedded devices are a big plus. Anyone know of a good library or two?


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I know nothing about it, but maybe Audacity. – ChrisW Jun 15 '09 at 1:10

From the game development world, you'll find a lot of good libraries. Obviously "mixing" doesn't tell what exactly you want to do but in a lot of games we mix tracks and sound to get some kind of ambiance so I guess it can be useful for you:

UPDATE: fmod now have a free indie license.

  • FMOD : might be expensive even if they have a "casual" (think "indie") license. However, it's certainly the "standard" in the industry because it's uncontestably very powerful.
  • Irrklang : have been used and recommended by several indie game developers. It's cheap, even if you buy the most expensive version.
  • Bass : used in several games so good quality, but more exepensive than Irrklang while cheaper than FMOD.
  • Clam : this is more free and flexible that the previous libraries but also might be too flexible for your need.
  • CAudio : wrapping OpenAL with a C++ interface and adding higher lever constructs, it might not fit your need, depends, but also I'm not sure of the quality of the library; maybe worth a try as it's the most open-source of all.

If you are not pressed by time (or want to help), there is also Plaid/Audio, a promising software audio processing library which is still a work in progress but is extracted from the engine used by SourceSelf (a game which use player's sounds -like, your voice- as input).

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JUCE is an awfully nice portable toolkit for graphics and audio. The main architect created it for real time audio processing, but it's evolved into a wider range of tools.

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I'd have a really close look at sox. It's excellent. We're using the sox C++ library to do real time transformation of RTP streams. Works well.

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No firsthand experience, but PortAudio is highly recommended.

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Though it does do ten zillion more things that you don't mention, I can't fail to recommend Qt with Phonon -- I learned about it only earlier today (from another Q&A on SO!) and it's opening new frontiers for me. If you need even a tiny fraction of the incredible power of Qt, that's definitely something worth trying (LGPL, so free and unencumbered as long as you don't modify the library itself).

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I don't think Qt with phonon supports audio mixing. – Roger B Jun 15 '09 at 1:31
"Work in progress", according to the URL I mentioned (I know, I can't wait either;-). – Alex Martelli Jun 15 '09 at 1:41

libmad - MPEG Audio Decoder

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Have you looked at libavcodec? seems like it would be what you are after. You are able to grab it from the ffmpeg site.

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Look at TempAu It is lightweight and simple, crossplatform and plays mp3.

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It seems that the tempau project isn't mature enough yet! Most of the pages are empty. – zeFree Jul 10 '12 at 12:00

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