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I am using ack to search for instances of the PHP function "split(" that has now been deprecated. Unfortunately, it is bringing up instances of preg_split (which is still valid), how can I ignore these results, whilst still searching for "split("?

ack --type=php split\\\(


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ack --type=php '[^_]split\('

Since preg_split() has an underscore before the split, just use a negated match for the underscore.

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Well a solution could be to do more search/replace not for split but split preceded by:

  • ;
  • space
  • tab
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It's explicitly preg_split I want to ignore – crmpicco Mar 30 '12 at 11:09

One brute-force way would be to use the -w flag to only see split as a word.

ack -w split

That will still give you hits on "split" that aren't actually function calls if you have any. But sometimes the low-tech way is easiest.

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