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I've got a Prism project with a dozen modules in it. I want to use a custom font (a .TTF file, to be specific) in all the modules. When I put the .ttf file in the module folder - it works, but what if I add a dozen more modules? So, I want to have the file in one place. At tried to put the font in %projectname%.Web/Clientbin, because it worked with images and everything, but it doesn't work. =( Can you give me some advise?

Example of the code:

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Using PRISM generally means you have a few projects.

  • Application.Shell: Your startup application containing the app.xaml
  • Application.Module: Your different modules
  • Application.Infrastructure. Containing general classes for your application. Every module and the shell has a reference to this project. In example you might have Interfaces for certain services like CustomerServices. This also allows you to have certain styling or datatemplate or even fonts in this Infrastructure project

Hope this helps

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Thanks a lot, it helped. :) –  Max Apr 2 '12 at 7:39

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