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I have a php page where i collect php variables such as ip, host etc. now i do this on two websites, rather than placing the information in to two seperate databases is it possible to send these php variables to my second website.

I have tried to include the file but it doesn't work, i have found tutorials but nothing i can find seems to send php variables, is this possible?, i can collect the details in javascript and pass them, but i thought php would be more accurate and collecting visitor ip addresses.


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Yes it is possible, but it's a bit unclear why you run into problems. What exactly blocks your road? –  hakre Jun 7 '12 at 12:40

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You could send the information using HTTP GET. For example:

$a = 4;

Then, on your other website you can access that same variable using $_GET['a'].

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Or you could use XMLRPC to pass data structures along with the type information.


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