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I want to use the Facebook users Profile Picture in my Application.

I think I should use the following function, but I'm not sure if that's correct:

     public function getImg() { 
        $img = file_get_contents('https://graph.facebook.com/'.getUser().'/picture?type=normal'); 
        return $this->img;

My goal is to place the profile picture on top of another image.

I think I have to use something like this:

ImageCopy ( $picture , $source, 445, 160 , 0 , 0 , $width , $height );

To conclude... I want to use the profile picture of a user an add it on another picture, how can I do this ?

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Have you tried the code you show us here? If yes, what's going wrong? – ThdK Mar 30 '12 at 11:46
Well, i tried it but sadly it didn't work. The Profile Picture is not added to/on the other picture. – Salexes Mar 30 '12 at 13:00
Are you sure you get the actual picture from facebook? – ThdK Mar 30 '12 at 14:21

grab user profile pic using following code:

$userpic = imagecreatefromjpeg("http://graph.facebook.com/".$user_id."/picture?type=normal");

Now place in in your main photo:

$mainphoto = imagecreatefromjpeg("path/to/main/photo.jpg");
imagecopymerge($mainpic, $userpic, $x, $y, -2, -2, 55, 55, 100);

Now $mainphoto will contain the main photo and userpic on it. you have to follow the same for all userpics you want to put on the mainphoto.

finally download the photo in server and free the memory:

imagejpeg($mainphoto, "save_as_this_name.jpg", 100);
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Thanks for the detailed answer. Do you mean I have to do it this way? public function getImg() { $userpic = imagecreatefromjpeg("graph.facebook.com/".$user_id."/…); } – Salexes Mar 30 '12 at 15:40
This is how the begining of my"picgenerator.php" looks like foreach ((array)$_CONFIG['texte'] as $key=>$val) { $ttfsize = $val['fontNameSize']; $ttf = $val['fontNamePfad']; $t_x = $val['X']; $t_y = $val['Y']; if ($val['BILD']) { $source = @ImageCreateFromPNG ($hippibild); list($width, $height)= getimagesize($hippibild); ImageCopy ( $picture , $source, $t_x, $t_y , 0 , 0 , $width , $height ); – Salexes Mar 30 '12 at 15:51
$source = @ImageCreateFromPNG (getImg()); list($width, $height)= getimagesize(getImg()); ImageCopy ( $picture , $source, 430, 80 , 0 , 0 , $width , $height ); } else { $text = $val['TEXT']; $text = str_replace('%birthday%', $birthday, $text); New prob.not sure where your code. Please help :) – Salexes Mar 30 '12 at 15:51
New problem I am not sure where to use your suggestet code. It would be nice if you could help me here, too. – Salexes Mar 30 '12 at 16:16
you cannot directly upload an image that is created by php. you have to download the photo in your server first. and then upload it in the way, you normally upload photo using graph api. And here i just said how to create the photo using php and download it in your server. – sha256 Mar 30 '12 at 16:50

I do not know php but i think this example from here may help you:

// Create image instances
$src = imagecreatefromgif('php.gif');
$dest = imagecreatetruecolor(80, 40);

// Copy
imagecopy($dest, $src, 0, 0, 20, 13, 80, 40);

// Output and free from memory
header('Content-Type: image/gif');

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