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How to cut off known substring from the string in sh? For example, I have string "http://www.myserver.org/very/very/long/path/mystring" expression "http://www.myserver.org/very/very/long/path/" is known. How can I get "mystring"?


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E.g. using perl:

echo "http://www.myserver.org/very/very/long/path/mystring" | perl -pe 's|^http://www.myserver.org/very/very/long/path/(.*)$|\1|'

E.g. using sed:

echo "http://www.myserver.org/very/very/long/path/mystring" | sed 's|^http://www.myserver.org/very/very/long/path/\(.*\)$|\1|'

E.g. when the search string is held in a variable, here named variable. Use double quotes to expand the variable.

echo "http://www.myserver.org/very/very/long/path/mystring" | sed "s|^${variable}\(.*\)$|\1|"
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I would have gone with sed, but the principle applies... –  brice Mar 30 '12 at 11:40
Good point, added sed snippet as well. –  simonnordberg Mar 30 '12 at 11:50
Use double quotes around the expression so that variables are expanded. E.g. sed "s|^${shorturl}\(.*\)$|\1|". Updated the answer as well. –  simonnordberg Mar 30 '12 at 12:03

Tested under /bin/dash

$ S="http://www.myserver.org/very/very/long/path/mystring" && echo ${S##*/}


S  is the variable-name
## remove largest prefix pattern
*/ upto the last slash

For further reading, search "##" in man dash

Some more illustrations:

$ S="/mystring/" ; echo ${S##*/}

$ S="/mystring" ; echo ${S##*/}
$ S="mystring" ; echo ${S##*/}
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