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I am getting a json service to which I want to do comparison checks on the values of certain keys. For example I have a key 'status' in json array, but I am unable to do a comparison check on its value. The response is like:

{"status":400,"response":"No cast found"}

I want to do something like:

if([jsonDict objectForKey:@"status"] == @"400"){

but the check wont work, whats the right way to do it?

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It can be two things:

If [jsonDict objectForKey:@"status"] is giving you a NSString, then the correct way to compare is:

if([[jsonDict objectForKey:@"status"] isEqualToString:@"400"])

If [jsonDict objectForKey:@"status"] is giving you a NSNumber, or NSDecimalNumber:

if([[jsonDict objectForKey:@"status"] isEqualToNumber:[NSNumber numberWithInt:400])
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more elaborated than my answer. I like that. :) – hp iOS Coder Mar 30 '12 at 11:57

Try this

if([jsonDict objectForKey:@"status"] isEqualToString @"400"){
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You can also do it in this way:

if([[jsonDict objectForKey:@"status"] intValue] == 400){
//your code here
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