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I am looking for a way to support a lot of screen devices without making tons of images. Currently im using android-svg to use vector images. This works perfectly. But now i would like to process these images with inner shadows, drop shadows, gradient overlays etc.

There are functions in android to create gradientoverlays using canvas paint. But I can't think of a way to create inner shadows, drop shadows, etc.

Is there anyone who can give me an idea to do something like this? Maybe a library or "trick".

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Except for TextView, I'm not aware of any built-in drop shadow support for views or drawables.

The standard "trick" is to render an object twice: first slightly set off and overlaid with a shadow color, then again unchanged. This is not very efficient but it does the job. This is in fact what a maps Overlay does to drop item shadows (it will call draw twice: first with the shadow parameter set to true, then again set to false).

If you are targeting Honeycomb or newer, you could also try using DragShadowBuilder. It's meant to be used for creating a shadow shape while dragging an item, but I imagine you can use it elsewhere, too. Or look at the sources and go from there.

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