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Why is it necessary to specify the number of elements of a C-array when it is passed as a parameter to a function (10 in the following example)?

void myFun(int arr[][10]) {}

Is it so because the number of elements is needed to determine the address of the cell being accessed?

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Yes. It's because arr[i][j] means ((int *)arr)[i * N + j] if arr is an int [][N]: the pointer-arithmetic requires the length of a row.

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The compiler needs to have an idea when the next row starts in memory (as a 2D array is just a continuous chunk of memory, one row after the other). The compiler is not psyche!

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It is only necessary if you used static allocation for your array thought. Because the generate code create a continuous memory block for the array, like pointed out ruakh.

However if you use dynamic allocation it is not necessary, you only need to pass pointers.


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