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I have two tables as follows..

campaigns(campaignID, title)
campaignMailList(campaignID, Sent)

(The 2 tables are bigger.. but for this purpose I only need these columns)

I want to do generate a query that will DELETE all rows in campaignMailList where it cannot find a join in the campaigns table on the campaignID.

Can anyone suggest how I do this?

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You are searching to delete orphaned records , there are lots of duplicates out there e.g stackoverflow.com/questions/6445966/… , stackoverflow.com/questions/4804846/… –  sakhunzai Mar 30 '12 at 12:54

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Translating word by word your own question into SQL:

delete from campaingMailList where
campaingId not in (select campaingid from campaigns)
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You could try the NOT IN clause. Like

DELETE FROM `campaignMailList` as cml
WHERE cml.campaignid NOT IN ( SELECT campaignID FROM campaigns )

Not sure if it is the fatest way to do this

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Try this query -

DELETE cml FROM campaignMailList cml
  LEFT JOIN campaigns c
    ON c.campaignID = cml.campaignID
WHERE c.campaignID IS NULL
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