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I have

    using (var eventWaitHandle = EventWaitHandle.OpenExisting(name))

    // register new handle code goes here

Is there any way to do that without throwing/handling exceptions?

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I don't found it –  Viacheslav Smityukh Mar 30 '12 at 13:10

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Since .NET 4.5 you can eliminate WaitHandleCannotBeOpenedException exception for case when named system event does not exist by using TryOpenExisting() method:

EventWaitHandle result = null;
if (!EventWaitHandle.TryOpenExisting("eventName", out result))
   if (result == null)
      // event was not found
      // result represent a cross process WaitEvent handle

public static bool TryOpenExisting(
                      string name,
                      out EventWaitHandle result


If you are uncertain whether a named synchronization event exists, use this method overload instead of the OpenExisting method overload, which throws an exception if the synchronization event does not exist

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