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I am using JBoss JMX Console to monitor my Web Application. How can i find what http requests are being processed at any point in time?

For eg: I see 25 busy theads - i want to know what http requests are these threads processing.

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I am not really sure if there is an ability to map a specific request to a thread but you can certainly see what HTTP requests are made to Tomcat using AccessLogValve. You can probably use the timestamps to map those requests if need be.

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The arduous way to do this is to examine every instance of the MBeans that have this pattern:


They are MBeans that represent the web request serving threads and they have an attribute called currentQueryString which is the query string of the request currently being processed. There are also attributes for currentUri and method. You could script the collection of this data as well.

An easier way, which is enabled in JBoss servers by default, is to use the available at:


It handily aggregates those same MBean's and reports them in one page.

There is also options for a fuller report


and an XML formatted output

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