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i have value in php variable like that

echo $var

what i want is to delete all decimal points after 2 digits.

like now value of variable will be

echo $var

keep in mind this value is coming from mysql databse

but when i use round php function i got round but i dont need round, i just need to delete all digits after 2 decimal simple.

i have tired, flot() and lot of other option no success.


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have you tried number_format? –  hjpotter92 Mar 30 '12 at 13:35

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Try using number format:

$var = number_format($var, 2, '.', '');  // Last two parameters are optional
echo $var;
// Outputs 2.50

If you want it to be a number, then simply type-cast to a float:

$var = (float)number_format($var, 2, '.', '');

Note: as has been pointed out in the comments, this does in fact round the number.

If not rounding the number is important, then per the answer below, use sprintf:

$var = sprintf("%01.2f", $var);
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Thanks and that's what i was looking for.... –  air Mar 30 '12 at 13:44
it should maybe be mentioned that number_format returns a string and not a number. –  pkyeck Aug 3 '12 at 15:48
This does not cut after 2 decimals, it rounds! –  Timo002 May 20 '14 at 14:37
floor(2.500000550 * 100) / 100;

This should do your task...

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This is the simplest method. number_format still rounds the result. –  Justin Oct 4 '13 at 17:38

try with number_format:

echo number_format('2.50000050', 2); // 2.50
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use sprintf

sprintf("%01.2f", $var);
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number_format rounds the number

php > echo number_format(128.20512820513, 2)."\n";

I used preg_replace to really cut the string

php > echo preg_replace('/(\.\d\d).*/', '$1', 128.20512820513)."\n";
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someone posted here about

floor(2.500000550 * 100) / 100;

function cutAfterDot($number, $afterDot = 2){
$a = $number * pow(10, $afterDot);
$b = floor($a);
$c = pow(10, $afterDot);
echo "a $a, b $b, c $c<br/>";
return $b/$c ;
echo cutAfterDot(2.05,2);

a 205, b 204, c 100

so in raw form don't use it... But if you add a little epsilon...

function cutAfterDot($number, $afterDot = 2){
        return floor($number * pow(10, $afterDot) + 0.00001) / pow(10, $afterDot);

it works!

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All of the solutions which use number_format are wrong because number_format performs rounding.

The function below should work on all numbers, you can specify the decimal separator for those countries which use ','.

function truncate_decimal($number, $truncate_decimal_length = 2, $decimal_character = '.', $thousands_character = '') {

$number = explode($decimal_character, $number);
$number[1] = substr($number[1], 0, $truncate_decimal_length);
$number_truncated = implode($decimal_character, $number);
return number_format($number_truncated, $truncate_decimal_length, $decimal_character, $thousands_character);

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