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We are trying to come up with a non-spring client for our cxf jaxrs services. (Not a web-client)

We have the following element in our spring-context (for enabling kerberos authentication):

<http:conduit name="*.http-conduit">

Any idea how this can be converted to java code ?

Sample client code:

JAXRSClientFactoryBean clientBean = new JAXRSClientFactoryBean();

CXF documentation doesn't specify this clearly :


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Have you checked How to configure the HTTPConduit for the SOAP Client? It shows how to create HTTPConduit and what you need is to create AuthorizationPolicy and set it;s type to Negotiate. –  dma_k Apr 1 '12 at 7:46
Yes. But in our case its a restful client and 'clientBean' in the above code doesnt expose 'getConduit' method. On a related note, it exposes 'getConduitSelector' and 'setConduitSelector' , but its not clear if thats where AuthorizationPolicy needs to be set. –  crankparty Apr 2 '12 at 4:41

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dma_k was pointing you to the correct information for SOAP services. If you are looking to the direct answer for REST services, check

YourService proxy = JAXRSClientFactory.create(YourService.class);
ClientConfiguration config = WebClient.getConfig(proxy);
HTTPConduit conduit1 = (HTTPConduit)config.getConduit();

This code allows you to access the conduit of your REST service, and then configure it as you want. You just have to pass through the WebClient.getConfig() method.

Regards, Gabriel

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