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This is the bison code. An unexplained error is occuring. The file to be compiled is of format

NAME "House"
DESCRIPTION "You are standing\nin front of your house.\nPaths lead towards east and west."
east flag
west forest

LOCATION obelisk
NAME "Obelisk"
DESCRIPTION "A big obelisk is\nstanding before you. You can either go east or west or  south." 
south flag
east flag
west treasure

NAME "Marsh"
DESCRIPTION "You are slowly swallowed by the mud.\nWhat a terrible end!"

LOCATION treasure
NAME "Treasure"
DESCRIPTION "A chest full of treasure is lying at your feet!\nExits are towards north,    east and west."
north obelisk
east flag
west forest

NAME "Flag"
DESCRIPTION "A flag is fluttering at a crossing.\nPaths go in all four directions, except west."
north obelisk
south house
east obelisk

NAME "Forest"
DESCRIPTION "A north-south road goes through a thick forest.\nA trail goes towards east." 
north marsh
south house
east treasure

START_AT house

with this bison parser.Iam putting only the code relevant to the problem here.


#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

typedef struct {
  char* name;
  char* descr;
  int exits[4]; 

locStruct locList[50];
int nLoc=0, startLoc;

char tmp_idList[60][100];
char tmp_name[30], tmp_descr[80];
int  tmp_exit[4];

int find(char *id) {
  int i;
  for(i=0;i<nLoc;i++) {
  if(strcmp(id,tmp_idList[i]) == 0){
    printf(" i = %d returned",i);
    return i;

  printf("%d %s",nLoc,tmp_idList[nLoc]);
  printf(" nloc-1 = %d returned",nLoc-1);
  return (nLoc-1);


Now in this part of the grammar , the following code runs

locnSpec : tok_LOCN tok_IDENT nameSpec descrSpec exitList
        {int k = find($2);
         locList[k].name = strdup(tmp_name);
         locList[k].descr = strdup(tmp_descr);

Everything seems to work fine. But it produces this output

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

C:\Users\MY PC\Desktop\final>bison -d -o compile.c adv6.y

C:\Users\MY PC\Desktop\final>gcc -o compile compile.c lex.yy.c

C:\Users\MY PC\Desktop\final>compile<toy.al

 Copying...0 flag nloc-1 = 0 returned
 Copying...1 forest nloc-1 = 1 returned

Copying...2 house nloc-1 = 2 returned

 flag i = 0 returned
 flag i = 0 returned
 Copying...3 treasure nloc-1 = 3 returned

Copying...4 obelisk nloc-1 = 4 returned

Copying...5 marsh nloc-1 = 5 returned

 nd west. i = 4 returned
 Copying...6 flag nloc-1 = 6 returned
 nd west. i = 1 returned

nd west. i = 3 returned

 t. i = 4 returned
 t. i = 2 returned
 t. i = 4 returned

t. i = 6 returned

 t. i = 5 returned
 t. i = 2 returned
 t. i = 3 returned

t. i = 1 returned t. i = 2 returned

C:\Users\MY PC\Desktop\final>

flag was identified and it was working with i=0. But after some part of the code was executed tmp_idList[0[] is seen being filled with a junk value. i dont understand why this happening. the output appears so because i have added some printf statements for debugging. please help and explain how can i remove this problem.

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iam working on it :) –  YuNo Mar 30 '12 at 13:55
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