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Stacked Vertical is working fine: vertical ok But if I change the bar to horizontal (and the labels to the other axis) the formatting is wrong:


Any idea where I have gone wrong?

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You have to reverse your x/y data if you want horizontal stacking to work:

//reverse data
for (series in data){
  var s = data[series];
    for (i=0;i<;i++){
       var tmp =[i][0];[i][0] =[i][1];[i][1] = tmp;        

Everything else will be the same as your working vertical stacked bar graph, except you move your ticks to the y axis (which you've done in the screenshot).

var options = {
    series: {
        stack: true,
        lines: {
            show: false,
            steps: false
        bars: {
            show: true,
            horizontal: true
    yaxis: {
        ticks: tick_labels

$.plot($("#placeholder"), data, options);

See it working here:

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Thanks for your help. – PhoebeB Mar 30 '12 at 21:05

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