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We have a lot of compiled C++ tools including some statically linked C++ libraries. We had extended some libs and of course recompiled it -> now the newer dll's are not compatible with the older C++ tools!


TransceiveDataRaw@CCommonUtils@RegTestAPI@@QAEIPAEH0AAHPBD2@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library IFX_CC_RegTestBase.dll

Is there any way to ignore this name mangling without recompiling our tools (there are hundreds of them)?

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Probably not. Different C++ compilers (and sometimes different versions of the same compiler) use different name mangling schemes, and in a way this is a safety mechanism. Along with a name mangling system, there are runtime mechanisms unique to a given compiler, and these won't be compatible either: virtual method dispatch, for example. The fact that these won't link is probably saving you from building an executable that would just crash and burn.

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