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  1. Consider a facebook UserMB, one of the admins of a facebook PageBDU.
  2. He's loggin in in as MB
  3. He's going to the BDU Page
  4. He's writing a Post here: it appears as authored by BDU
  5. He's adding a Comment to the previous Post: it appears as authored by BDU!

Switching the Use Facebook as: option does not influence the who appears as authoring the comments:

                      Authoring on a Facebook Page

Q: How can MB comment on a post on the BDU page, and have the post display as authored by MB?

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Go to the Edit Page settings page:

Click on "Your Settings" on the left and untick the first box marked "Always comment and post on your page as PAGENAME"

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Worked like a charm, thanks! As a note, if you don't know YOURPAGEID, just go to Admin Panel » Manage » Edit Page » Your Settings. – Marius Butuc Mar 30 '12 at 15:31

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