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I'm trying to use hidden fields in a form to pass along state selections instead of checkboxes so that I can improve ui a bit and also not have to deal with the cumbersome posting of checkbox fields to classic asp server pages.

I created a test example of what I'm trying to do here: jsFiddle example of problem

I'm using the 2 character state text value of the div to update the value of the hidden fields. When I hit the select all link, I'm check the value for '#statesTX' expecting it to be 'TX' but finding that it contains all of the text values for each div.

Is there a way to get that select all link to up date each hidden field with the text value of its individual parent div?

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Check below code and see if this is something that you want,


var $boxes = $('.boxes');

$('#lightall').click(function() {
    $boxes.each(function () {
    alert('statesAL: ' + $('#statesAL').val());

$('#lightnone').click(function() {
    $('.boxes input[type=hidden]').val('');
    alert('statesTX: ' + $('#statesTX').val());
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You guys in SO land are amazing. That worked perfectly! I appreciate the look and answers! –  digitalcb Mar 30 '12 at 15:29

Yes, there is a way to update each one to its parent text:

$('input[type=hidden]').each( function() {
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I'll try this code to see if it behaves the same...thanks for the options... –  digitalcb Mar 30 '12 at 15:30

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