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Basically, instead of writing plain old Html to build a form, I would like to invoke a helper method and have that return what I need.

<div class="contacto-container">
    <h1>Envíenos sus consultas:</h1>

    @Html.Editor("BuzonDeSugerenciaModel", "BuzonDeSugerenciaModel")

    <div class="separator"></div>    

This isn't really doing what I think it would do.

It outputs:

<input id="BuzonDeSugerenciaModel" 
       class="text-box single-line" 
       type="text" value="" name="BuzonDeSugerenciaModel">

And not the collection of inputs I declared in the Model class, BuzonDeSugerenciaModel.

If this were a strongly type View, it would be fine if I went:


However, since this is run in the _Layout.cshtml file, I need something else. I can't quite figure out a way to do this.

Any ideas?

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You need to create a partial view that is strongly typed to your BuzonDeSugerenciaModel class. This partial view will live in your Views > Shared directory.

Something like this (_BuzonDeSugerenciaModel.cshtml):

@model BuzonDeSugerenciaModel


Then, in your _Layout.cshtml, you can call:

@Html.Partial("_BuzonDeSugerenciaModel", Model.buzonDeSugerenciaModel)

You will need to pass an instance of BuzonDeSugerenciaModel as the second argument to Partial(). If you do not have one passed form the Controller, something like this will work:

@Html.Partial("_BuzonDeSugerenciaModel", new BuzonDeSugerenciaModel())
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