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I am trying to send email using one of our on-premises servers from one of my web roles hosted on azure. We've got a Windows Azure Connect endpoint installed on this on-premises server which has an SMTP server.

We've configured the web role so that it contains an activation code I acquired using the windows azure portal and the azure subscription we have. The web role has been deployed to azure with this configuration. Looking in the virtual network section of the portal I can see our on-premises server listed as well as the instance of said web role. I Created a group connecting the local endpoint to the web role instance.

The problem I'm having now is figuring out exactly what I have to do in order for the emails I send from the web role to be relayed through the smtp server on the on-premises server.

My first thought was to just specify the local endpoint name as it appears in our azure portal as the host to use when I create my SmtpClient object in code. Of course this didn't work as I received an SmtpException just saying Failure Sending Email.

So my question is once I've set everything up as described above, what do I need to do in ,my web role code and/or configuration in order to use the local endpoint as the smtp host for sending out my emails??

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How about open your firewall for the SMTP on both your azure VM and local server.

As I know the azure VM firewall disabled the PING (ICMP) but doesn't know if it blocked all ports except those defined in your CSDEF file.

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