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I have been working on this document, I have been going to YouTube to learn how to do some of these things for myself. I hate asking for help because sometimes I never learn how to do things myself.

So I am looking at this one script in "lesson" 358, the concept of the lesson is to make it so that the script references one point of reference to get the information in question.

The problem with this video is that although it is well done he really isn't referencing one field. He is using multiple fields and calling it one reference point.

That is the video, here is the attachment document to the video is here.

Download Excel Sheet from Video

What I wanted to do was to have it so the script only reference one point of interest, so I emailed the creator of the script, and he told me that he can't help. Sounds more like he didn't want to help...

Here is my file, What I am attempting to do is this:

My Excel Sheet

In AH1 I have a date, that I am using as the reference point for the entire formula that I thought I could use.

And have done so successfully in the AJ2 Script...

What I wanted to do is to make my document utilize the script in the lesson above but with one reference point instead of two in AK2 downwards... The list it is pulling data from in this case is Topic1.

What ends up happening is that I try to cut out the reference point is it tells me that there are too few references and won't let me save the script.

I have attempted several times to get this working, but for some reason it's causing me issues, well that seems to be nothing new.

And if the creator of the script can't help me, I know I'm not going to be able to do it myself, even though I've spend the last two days trying...

Can someone help me here please?

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1) Fix AH1. Just put in the formula =TODAY() and then format the cell the same way you formatted cell AA4.

2) Fix AJ2. The formula should be: =COUNTIF(AA4:AA23,AH1)

3) Fix AK2. The array formula should be: =IF(ROW($A1)>$AJ$2, "", INDEX(AB$1:AB$23, SMALL(IF(AA$1:AA$23=Criteria, ROW($AA$1:$AA$23), ""), ROW($A1))))

...confirmed by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER, then copy that cell down a ways, multiple values can appear now if needed.

enter image description here

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I get an error #VALUE. The part: AA$1:AA$23 is underline... it seems it doesn't like it. – Matt Ridge Apr 2 '12 at 11:47
Ok, I forgot to confirm it, now I come back with a 0, even though I changed the date to show today... – Matt Ridge Apr 2 '12 at 11:58
From the picture above you see the formula does work. How does your differ from mine in item 3) ? If you do not correct the AH1 it won't work either. AH1 has to exactly match the values in AA. Post a new file if you want me to troubleshoot the formulas you've entered. – Jerry Beaucaire Apr 2 '12 at 14:37
Here is the new file: For some reason it is exactly as yours shows, as far as I can tell. Perhaps I am missing something, like a comma somewhere, but I don't think so. Thanks for the help again. – Matt Ridge Apr 2 '12 at 15:07
I keep directing you to the same fix. You changed the function range to AB$4:AB$23 and I know why you did, but you need to change all those "4"s back to "1"s and it works fine. It's an edit you shouldn't make. We are matching to the ROW so we just need to start the count at row1, not row4, even though 1-3 will never be a match. =IF(ROW($A1)>$AJ$2, "", INDEX(AB$1:AB$23, SMALL(IF(AA$1:AA$23=Criteria, ROW($AA$1:$AA$23), ""), ROW($A1)))) That's the formula from step #3 of this answer and it still works, every time I put it in as shown. – Jerry Beaucaire Apr 4 '12 at 5:37

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