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How to do image stitching using opencv (python), simplecv or pil? or any other python library, i have an image which looks like this, created from 200 images, i need to stitch them in the correct order to form an image

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@karlphillip - I think this is more of a jigsaw puzzle problem than precise alignment. Thanks for the first link to the ImageJ plugin - very useful – Martin Beckett Mar 31 '12 at 3:35
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Do you know the order they are in?

Frankly if you are hoping to do it with image recognition and you only need one off I would use mechanical turk and let somebody spend 15mins doing it for a $1

edit: the images are very small which makes it tricky to find enough features to match. I would start with a histogram approach to group images with similar sets of colours. Then you could use a fourier transform to find lines/structure at a similar direction and spacing. Are the image allowed to be rotated?

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then how to do it with numpy? i suggested these library coz they could detect RBG? and yes i can pay 5$ for that but where to find that person lol! – user Mar 30 '12 at 15:54

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