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Does anybody have experience with datatables and Rails 3.1!? I tried the simple_datatables 0.2.1 gem from :


with kaminari and meta_search 1.1.0 but could not make it working.

The table show up without images/css probably due to not properly loaded css styles. Searching in the tables crashes also.... due to some weird search flags it passes to the backend. Example : I have columns 'name' and 'size' and it passes : 'search[name_or_sizefalse]' The backend does not like that.....and screams 'Unknown method' Any ideas?

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One idea would be to checkout Ryan's railscast on datatables. I think he does a good job explaining and has an example to download. He is using will_paginate, but it should solve the issues you are having with kaminari.


Good Luck!

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